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a little about me

Ok so now you’re here and you want to know about me. But before I do that, here’s what someone else had to say.

“Hi Deryck, we received our wedding pictures and we are THRILLED!! You gave us exactly what we wanted, it was exactly what I had always imagined and you addressed all my little worries 😉 you made us both feel at complete ease and we are so so so happy with results. You were right to go in to this career and I will be recommending you to EVERYONE! – Aoife and Sean.

I’m a dad of 2, husband of 1. Love all kinds of movies (especially Star Wars), all kinds of music (not so much deep house garage) and, of course, weddings. My first wedding was my brother in laws’ (scarier than I ever thought, didn’t sleep the night before) but that was me done, hooked, loved it from the first photo right to the last. As a wedding photographer, you’re invited to be part of a lifetime defining moment, you get to witness joy, excitement, happiness; you get to watch two people fall in love all over again.

Yes, I’m a romantic …Hollywood level! So I believe to be a good wedding photographer, you truly have to love weddings; it’s not good enough to just be there, you have to feel it, become part of it. To be a great wedding photographer it’s about understanding weddings, people and your role in the day. My photography is inspired by people, their reactions and their emotions. I want every photo to tell a story. I want the person looking at it to feel the emotion captured in that moment.

So what does this mean for you, well, I’m not everyone’s wedding photographer and that’s ok. I am your wedding photographer if you want to take photos that will tell the story of your wedding, capture the emotion of the day and make short work of the family photos; who will try a few artsy shots and will get a nice one for the parents’ mantel piece!

If you want a photographer who doesn’t take over the day but has a bit of craic, while capturing the uniqueness of your wedding, then let’s have a chat.

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