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What’s the best thing to eat on your Wedding Morning

Every Irish mammy knows that on the morning of their beautiful babies wedding the best thing they can do is make sure to fill them up for the day ahead on a good old fattening and filling fry up… and you’re not entirely wrong but what I will say is, this is not a regular day, you won’t be stopping at 1 for lunch and before you know it, it’ll be 6pm and you’ll be trying to figure out if your bouquet is edible (I suppose you could throw some olive oil and balsamic vinegar on it).

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Timing Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day goes fast (with a capital F) and can be absolutely manic, so having even a rough plan will help. 

As a wedding photographer, I can have a lot of control over the flow of your day (which I don’t want) but I can also help you plan out your day and keep you on track …for some of it at least.

So let’s go through the different elements of the day and what to watch out for:

Makeup & Hair – Go first then last

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