The evenings are getting darker and the days are getting colder, a topical time to talk about winter weddings.

Every couple wants their wedding day to be perfect, and why shouldn’t you. Of course, weather can play a big part of it and can shape your day but this is Ireland and we all know you can’t predict the weather here. I got married on the hottest March day in 32 years; my cousin got married that same July… it rained all day. But you can be sure in winter, it gets, colder, wetter and darker a lot quicker. So what do you do?

1) Don’t Panic – If it rains, it rains; you can’t control it, so why stress it. All you need to do is get from the house – to the ceremony – to the hotel without getting soaked. In fact, you only really need to get from the house to the ceremony, after that everyone’s seen you. They all know you look amazing, so a few stray hairs or damp dress won’t matter. Besides, you look better than them anyway J

2) Timing – Now I love winter weddings; the light is gorgeous, you can use the setting sun to your advantage and overall, it gives a different look to your pictures but you don’t want to shoot in the dark, so think about the timing of the day, an earlier ceremony will give you more time after for pictures after. Alternatively you can think about doing some photos before hand. First looks are becoming really popular and seeing each other is a great way to settle the nerves before heading up the aisle.

3) Temperature – Yep, it’s gonna be cold. OK for the lads, they have jackets and waistcoats on but what about the ladies. Well the go-to at the moment is fur boleros but there are other options available. Sinead had gorgeous sweaters for herself and her bridesmaids. Whatever you do, make it part of the outfit, not an-add on that you don’t want in the photos. Also good to have someone on hand with hot water bottles, warm drinks and blankets… bridesmaid not sure what her boyfriend is going to do for the afternoon or who he’s going to talk to? Boom! Job!

Sinéad   Shane 307 - Winter Weddings

4) Let’s Get Dirty – Your beautiful white dress …the wet ground …the mud.  I get it; you just spent a small fortune and countless hours picking the perfect dress for your day. You’ve made sure to have it fitted correctly, hung the creases out and had everyone wash their hands before touching it. And now it’s going to get dirty and ruined and everyone will look at you and think “the state of her, what is she like, could she not even afford to get a clean….” OK I may have gone to far with this thought but I understand you want to keep it pristine. Unfortunately, no matter the weather, this is almost impossible. The good news is that it’ll probably (hopefully) only be the end of the dress that gets dirty and no one expects or will notice if the end of your dress stays immaculate for the rest of the evening. What YOU will notice is if you’re stressing about it all day and if it restricts you from having fun or getting cool pictures. So, in those immortal words, let it go! I’m not saying your photographer should have you rolling in the mud but don’t stress it, relax and have fun with the day.

5) Indoor Options – You may have picked your venue for its’ beautiful lush gardens, rustic magical forest or rolling fields. Winter or summer, an indoor alternative is always a good idea to have on the plan. Talk to your photographer, they should be able to suggest or work with you to pick locations they can use to make you look wow; also check with the hotel for options, maybe a small drawing room can be kept empty if needed.

Irina   Jason 278 - Winter Weddings

6) Use the Night – Yes you lose light early but that just means that between the meal and your first dance, you can pop outside and get a night time photo (hard to do in the summer).

7) Visit Your Venue – most of you will book your venue well in advance… we booked ours 4 months before, but that’s another story… so take a trip out during winter time to see what the place looks and feels like in that light. It’s good for you to visualise it compared to summer months, plus it’s always exciting to go see the place you’re getting married.

Ok so, final thought. Weather and light play a huge part in your day but don’t let them control it; you’re the boss, it’s your day, it’s only wind, it’s only rain, we can work around it!